RP2 Social Psychiatry - workgroups

Workgroup on psychometrics and statistics

Head: Kožený, Jiří, prof. PhDr., CSc.

The working group is focused on methodological quality of the research conducted within the whole department, as well as on the development and ...

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Workgroup on psychiatric epidemiology

Head: Krupchanka, Dzmitry, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D.

The working group on psychiatric epidemiology is focused on generating evidence on the prevalence and treatment of mental health problems. ...

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Workgroup on mental health economics

Head: Winkler, Petr, PhDr.

The centre is focused on cost of illness studies and economic evaluations of interventions, services and systems of mental health care. ...

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Workgroup on mental health services research and development

Head: Kondrátová, Lucie, Mgr.

The working group on mental health services research and development is focused on mental health care evaluation, service development and system ...

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Workgroup on stigma prevention and research

Head: Janoušková, Miroslava, Mgr. et Mgr., Ph.D.

The working group aims to bring the evidence on the prevalence of stigmatizing attitudes and behaviour among both, general population and various ...

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Workgroup on suicide prevention and research

Head: Csémy, Ladislav, PhDr.

The working group is focused on research into causes and possible prevention of suicides, prevalence and trend analysis, and sucidology in general. ...

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Workgroup on multidisciplinary studies within social psychiatry

Head: Winkler, Petr, PhDr.

The working group aims to develop interdisciplinary crossover between social psychiatry and related disciplines such as sociology, philosophy and ...

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