RP5 Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology

Sleep Disorders and Circadian Rythms in Neuropsychiatric Diseases (SDACRIND)

Head of the department
PhDr. Jana Kopřivová, Ph.D.
Ing. Martina Kolářová (coordinator)
telephone:(+420) 283 088 437


This research program focuses on sleep, circadian rhythms and their disorders. The main interest is to improve diagnostics and treatment of patients with sleep and circadian rhythm disorders. The emphasis is on detection of early stages of the disease, long-term monitoring and preventive potential of early interventions. Several projects focus also on non-clinical population, especially on research of circadian preferences and sleep habits.

This research program also offers clinical care to patients with a wide spectrum of sleep disorders, especially to thouse suffering from insomnias, hypersomnias and parasomnias.

General aims

The aims of the research program include a better understanding of sleep physiology and pathophysiology, improvement of clinical diagnostics with the aid of mathematical analyses of polysomnographic and actigraphic records, prediction of treatment response and development and testing of new therapeutic or preventive approaches.

Aims for 2016

• to expand the portfolio of methods of mathematical analysis of biosignals and their use in the analysis of sleep, especially of sleep miscrostructure
• to start a unified proces of sleep and circadian data collection in patients with selected diagnoses and to create a database that will enable to compare sleep and circadian data across and within diagnostic groups
• to provide clinical services and research aiming at improving diagnostics and treatment of the patients
• to monitor sleep and circadian rhythms in general population and its subgroups


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