Association NIMH

The NIMH association is a self-governing, voluntary, non-political and non-profit organization founded for the purpose of supporting the activities of the National Institute of Mental Health and further promoting knowledge in the field of mental health, helping people with mental disorders and preventing the occurrence of these disorders.

The NIMH association is a legal entity established in accordance with Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended, with its registered office at Topolová 748, 250 67 Klecany, ID number: 04864964

The first statutory body of the association is its chairman, prof. MD. Cyril Höschl, DrSc., FRCPsych. Members of the association are natural persons, employees of NIMH in the positions of director, deputy director or head of the research program.


The activity of the association aims to fulfill the purpose described above, as a common interest of its members. This purpose is fulfilled mainly through:

  • supporting science and research in the field of mental health,
  • helping people with a professionally diagnosed mental disorder and their integration into society in the form of post-psychiatric care, creating suitable jobs for these people, helping with their integration into the labor market,
  • organization of charitable projects supporting NIMH activities and mental health care or participation in their organization,
  • participating in NIMH cooperation with the state sector,
  • contributing to the development of cooperation with the town Klecany and the Central Bohemian region,
  • contributing to solving the issues of transformation of psychiatric care,
  • cooperation with other entities in the field of mental health,
  • promotion of NIMH activities,
  • organizing seminars, lectures and conferences to support the activities of NIMH, publishing and distributing publications, brochures, leaflets and other materials in the field of mental health,
  • involvement of volunteers and support of volunteering for NIMH,
  • mental health support and prevention of psychological disorders.