Current projects

Art - a journey to the soul

Since September 2018, we have been running a project of classical chamber music concerts called Art – a journey to the soul. Musicians of world renown regularly perform in the institute's foyer, including, for example, Emil Viklický, Václav Hudeček, Martin Kasík or the Piano Trio of the Czech Philharmonic.

The project Art - a journey to the soul is an opportunity for all participants to gather, meditate, relax, introject and meet artists and art lovers, personalities of Czech science and medicine, sponsors and, last but not least, NIMH patients.

The project is financed exclusively from private sources and includes the long-term loan of a Steinway & Sons concert piano, which is located in the NIMH foyer. We thank you in advance for supporting the project, which will contribute not only to its preservation, but also to fulfilling the main mission of the National Institute of Mental Health - caring for the soul.

Different kinds of art and science of the soul, mind and brain are deeply intertwined, whether conceptually, researchally, diagnostically or therapeutically. Some mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, anxiety or depression, have their own special visual manifestations. Projective psychological tests use visual imagination. Art therapy (drawing and painting), psychogymnastics (movement expression) and music therapy (listening to or playing music) are used both diagnostically and especially therapeutically, and not only as tools for relaxation or abreaction.

The premises of the National Institute of Mental Health are further decorated with many works of art by important contemporary Czech artists.