Adaptation process

Adaptation of a new employee in the NIMH

Have you been successful in the selection process, are you joining the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and are you interested in how your adaptation process will take place?


Why is adaptation process important?

The aim of the adaptation process is to facilitate your entry into the NIMH, to orient and train you as soon as possible.

What awaits you before joining NIMH?

Adaptation to a new position begins before joining NIMH, when you accept a job offer. Then we will send you the documents and instructions necessary to complete the entry formalities.

You will also receive a link to documents with working conditions and rules in NIMH and you will get acquainted with them. Selected documents are freely accessible on the NIMH website.

What can you expect in the first days after joining NIMH?

The Human Resources (OLZ) employee will work with you in the first hours of your entry to the NIMH. He/she will arrange the signing of the employment contract and provide you with basic operational information.

Subsequently, your superior or another colleague will take you on board, show you the place of your work, introduce you the new job, guide you around the department and the building and introduce you to colleagues with whom you will work. He/she will also equip you with technical and working resources.

On the day of enlisting, or as soon as possible, you will participate in introductory training, occupational health and safety (OSH) training, fire protection training and training in the safe use of information technology.

We have prepared an individual adaptation program for you. What does it involve?

Your superior and possibly your supervisor will meet with you at the beginning of the adaptation period during the so-called entrance interview. At this interview, your superior will introduce you the goals, activities and evaluation system during the adaptation period. The adaptation period usually corresponds to a trial period of 3 months from your enlisting.

Subsequently, your supervisor or supervisor will regularly evaluate the fulfilment of the goals and activities of the individual adaptation program, or will give you the new goals and activities.

How the adaptation process will be evaluated and what will happen next?

At the end of the adaptation process, your superior will evaluate the fulfilment of the individual adaptation program with you. A supervisor is also invited to do so, if he has been assigned to you for this period. The aim of the final evaluation is to jointly evaluate the adaptation period, set goals for the next period and agree on a training plan.

After the adaptation, you will continue to meet with your superior (or supervisor) as part of the ongoing evaluation and feedback. Once a year, an annual evaluation interview is held, during which your past activities are evaluated and new goals and activities are set with you.

Where can you find complete information about the adaptation process?

All adaptation activities in NIMH are described in detail in the internal Regulation No. S/10/2020 - Adaptation of a new employee. After joining the NIMH, you can get acquainted with this on the Intranet, or contact a colleague from the HR department (OLZ), who will give you other necessary information.


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