prof. Pavel Grof, MD, PhD, FRCP(C)
v instituci:  1962 - 1968

Prof. Pavel Grof was born in Brno, 1935. In 1959 he graduated from Faculty of Medicine in Prague and started working in Horní Beřkovice Psychiatric Hospital, which he left in 1962 for Psychiatric Research Institute in Prague-Bohnice. Here he worked in the Functional Psychoses and Psychopharmacology research group.
Since 1968 he‘s lived in Canada, where he continued his research of biological aspects of affective disorders. In the years 1974-1977 he took part in the founding and organizing the Affective Disorders Clinic at University of Toronto and helped with founding similar clinics at other Canadian universities.
Dr. Grof spent the years 1977 and 1978 as visiting scientist at the National Institute of Mental Health in Washington, initially in the clinical neuropharmacology branch with Dennis Murphy and later in the psychobiology branch with Fred Goodwin.
In 1982 he became director of research and education in Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital, affiliated with McMaster University, where he engaged in psychobiology and established a psychopharmacology research and scientist training centre.
In the years 1985-2000 he was active as Expert of the World Health Organization, Mental Health section, and chaired both an expert committee and a working group on psychotropic drugs.
From 1988 to 1993 he worked as Clinic Director at Royal Ottawa Hospital and as head of clinical and research activities in the field of effectivity disorders.
At present he chairs the Mood Disorders Centre of Ottawa, is Professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto and gives lectures in many institutions both overseas and in Europe.
Prof. Grof is an internationally respected expert on bipolar disorder, a pioneer of lithium prophylaxis and cofounder of an international group dedicated to its research (IGSLI). He has published over 400 studies and three monographs, received several national and international research awards and distinctions.
Throughout his exile Prof. Grof strived for the development of Czech scientific research and successfully introduced many Czech researchers to international scene. His colleagues and students respect him for his refined manner, extraordinary empathy and kind character. His scientific zeal always fascinates, as well as his craving for knowledge and his courage to take risks and stray into research areas full of unpromising and winding paths. On those he is guided by immensely systematic character, profound psychological and psychiatric knowledge and understanding of statistical methods.


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