PhDr. Jaroslav Madlafousek, CSc.
researcher, head of research programme
v instituci:  1961 - 1984

Dr. Madlafousek was one of the founders of the Psychiatric Research Institute. Here he developed his talent for research and broad perspective of the problem of sexual behaviour. Together with Karl Freund and other collaborators later Dr. Madlafousek put together a group focused on experimental research of sexual deviations and sexual behaviour analysis based upon evolutionary biology. Jaroslav Madlafousek was the group‘s chief theorist. His numerous experimental studies on animal modelling of sexual behaviour were published in leading international journals, but he experimented also on human subjects (in collaboration with A. Kolářský). During his stay in Psychiatric Research Institute, which ended in 1984, Dr. Madlafousek managed to overcome the traditional interpretation of unitary motivational concept and create an original concept of hierarchic structure with partial and perpetually changing motivational states. Thanks to the studies published in his PRI years he became the most cited Czech psychiatrist.


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