Ing. Eduard Bakštein, Ph.D.
working at:  RP3 Applied Neurosciences and Brain Imaging
v instituci:  2014 - present
telephone: (+420) 283 088 406
cell: (+420) 775 207 577

Biomedical engineer with focus on biomedical signal processing and machine learning. He obtained his PhD from the Dept. of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague for the thesis on modeling and analysis of microelectrode EEG signals from basal ganglia of Parkinson's disease patients.

His main research interests include Machine learning and signal processing. He is head of the workgroup on biomedical signal processing at NIMH. - research homepage - researchgate profile

Selected publications:

E. Bakštein, T. Sieger, J. Wild, D. Novák, J. Schneider, P. Vostatek, D. Urgošík, R. Jech (2017). Methods for automatic detection of artifacts in microelectrode recordings. In: Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 290, 39–51. [PDF]

F. Spaniel, E. Bakstein, J. Anyz, J. Hlinka, T. Sieger, J. Hrdlicka, N. Gornerova, and
C. Hoschl (2016). "Relapse in schizophrenia: de nitively not a bolt from the blue".
In: Neuroscience Letters S0304-3940.16, pp. 30265

P. Mikolas, T. Melicher, A. Skoch, M. Matejka, A. Slovakova, E. Bakstein, T. Hajek,
and F. Spaniel (2016). \Connectivity of the anterior insula di erentiates participants
with rst-episode schizophrenia spectrum disorders from controls: a machine-learning
study". In: Psychological Medicine. cited By 0; Article in Press, pp. 1{10. doi:

E. Bakstein, J. Burgess, K. Warwick, V. Ruiz, T. Aziz, and J. Stein (2012). "Parkin-sonian tremor identi cation with multiple local eld potential feature classi cation". In: Journal of Neuroscience Methods 209.2, pp. 320

Awards and honors

2018 - 2018: IFBME Young Ivestigator Competition (3rd place), at the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Prague, Czech Republic, June 3-8. 2018


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