Mgr. et Mgr. Jakub Polák, Ph.D.
working at:  RP3 Applied Neuroscience and Neuroimaging
in the institution:  2015 - present
telephone: (+420) 283 088 472
curriculum vitae

Team role: design and coordination of epidemiological studies, psychological testing of participants, standardization of foreign questionnaires, adaptation of CBT and its effects evaluation using fMRI, statistical analyses, writing publications


Publications with IF:

Trojanová H., Polák J., Pešla L., Boukalová H. (2019). Other race effect and decision-making strategies in a lineup identification: an eye tracking study. In prep.

Rádlová S., Polák J., Janovcová M., Sedláčková K., Peléšková Š., Landová E., Frynta D. 2019. Emotional reaction to fear- and disgust-evoking snakes: Sensitivity and propensity in snake-fearful respondents. Frontiers in Psychology, submitted.

Polák J., Sedláčková K., Landová E., Frynta D. (2019): Faster detection of snake and spider phobia: revisited. International Journal of Psychology, submitted.

Polák J., Rádlová S., Janovcová M., Flegr J., Landová E., Frynta D. (2019): Scary and nasty beasts: self-reported fear and disgust of common phobic animals. British Journal of Psychology, Early View. IF = 3.31 [Full-text]

Janovcová M., Rádlová S., Polák J., Sedláčková K., Peléšková Š., Žampachová B., Frynta D., Landová E. (2019). Human attitude toward reptiles: relationship between fear, disgust and aesthetic preferences. Animals, 9(5): 238. IF = 1.65 [Download PDF].

Rádlová S., Janovcová M., Sedláčková K., Polák J., Nácar D., Landová E., Frynta D. (2019). Snakes represent emotionally salient stimuli that may evoke both fear and disgust. Frontiers in Psychology, 10: 1085. IF = 2.09 [Download PDF]

Polák J., Landová E., Frynta D. (2019): Undisguised disgust: a psychometric evaluation of a disgust propensity measure. Current Psychology, 38(3): 608-617. IF = 1.47 [Full-text]

Vlček P., Polák J., Brunovský M., Horáček J. (2018): Role of glutamatergic system in obsessive-compulsive disorder with possible therapeutic implications. Pharmacopsychiatry, 51: 229-242. IF = 2.06 [Download PDF]

Landová E., Bakhshaliyeva N., Janovcová M., Peléšková Š., Suleymanova M., Polák J., Guliev A., Frynta D. (2018). Association between fear and beauty evaluation of snakes: cross-cultural findings. Frontiers in Psychology, 9: 333. IF = 2.32 [Download PDF]

Polák J., Sedláčková K., Nácar D., Landová E., Frynta D. (2016): Fear the serpent: a psychometric study of snake phobia. Psychiatry Research, 242: 163-168. IF = 2.47 [Download PDF].

Landová E., Musilová V., Polák J., Sedláčková K., Frynta D. (2016): Antipredatory reaction of the leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) to snake predators. Current Zoology, 62: 439-450. IF = 1.76 [Download PDF]

Polák J., Frynta D. (2015): Offspring sex ratio in domestic goats: Trivers-Willard out of natural selection. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 60: 208-215. IF2015 = 1.18 [Download PDF]

Polák J., Frynta D. (2010): Patterns of sexual size dimorphism in cattle breeds support Rensch's rule. Evolutionary Ecology, 24: 1255-1266. IF2010 = 2.40 [Download PDF]

Polák J., Frynta D. (2009): Sexual size dimorphism in domestic goats, sheep, and their wild relatives. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 98: 872-883. IF2009 = 2.04 [Download PDF]


Publications without IF:

Rádlová S., Peléšková Š., Polák J., Landová E., Frynta D. (2019). Emotions triggered by animals II: fear and disgust. E-psychologie, 12(4): 61-77.

Rádlová S., Janovcová M., Polák J., Landová E., Frynta D. (2018). Emotions triggered by animals I: beauty and aesthetic preferences. E-psychologie, 12(3): 35-50.

Polák J. (2018): Can we recognize cheaters? Psychologie Dnes, 24: 42-43.

Polák J. (2007): Mother and child in conflict. Psychologie Dnes, 13: 30-33.



Interests / hobbies

Evoluční psychologie, psychodiagnostika, neuropsychologie, behaviorální ekologie, kopytníci.

Professional training and experience

2007 - 2007: Erasmus exchange program - study of social psychology at Tampere University, Finland
2008 - 2008: RIAPS Crisis centre
2008 - 2008: Psychiatric hospital Dobřany and Bohnice
2008 - 2008: Prague-Ruzyně Prison
2008 - 2008: Qed Group, consultant psychologist
2010 - 2011: Oliva's Children Clinic, psychologist
2010 - 2011: Drahonice Prison, psychologist
2011 - 2012: Kent University, Assistant Clinical (Forensic) Psychologist Practitioner
2011 - 2013: Sweet Tree, Brain Injury Support Worker
2011 - 2013: Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Assistant Psychologist

Membership in professional organizations

2012 - 2014: British Psychological Society

Master thesis

2000 - 2005: Reproduction of Capra hircus: mate choice, offspring sex, and maternal investment
2003 - 2010: Loafing and punishment: psychological study of laziness

Teaching activities

2006 - 2015: Vertebrate Zoology, Basics of Ethology, Sociobiology and behavioral ecology
2015 - 2015: Neuropsychology


2005 - 2014: Sexual size dimorphism and related phenomena in ungulates


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