RNDr. Michal Pitoňák, Ph.D.
working at:  RP4 Epidemiological and Clinical Research in Addictions
in the institution:  2015 - present
telephone: (+420) 283 088 470
e-mail: Michal.Pitonak@nudz.cz

Dr. Michal Pitoňák graduated at Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague (biology, geography, human geography and regional development). In his dissertation, for the first time in Czech geography, Dr. Pitoňák opened the subject of geographies of sexualities, in which he investigated mainly the societal heteronormativity and its effect on the social organization and quality of life of Czech non-heterosexuals. In his consequent research within this field of study, Dr. Pitoňák focused on a spatiotemporal negotiation of non-heterosexual identities; homophobia in schools; queer theory; minority stress theory and the effects of minority stress on mental health in non-heterosexuals; social epidemiology of HIV/AIDS; destigmatization and LGBTQ psychology. Currently, he aims to understand these phenomena within so-called syndemic theory, which is a biopsychosocial approach with a potential of achieving transdisciplinary cognition.

Interests / hobbies

fotografování, zahrádkaření, stavební práce, cestování, uvědomnělá turistika, filozofie, jazyky

Professional training and experience

2005 - 2008: (Bc.) Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Geography Oriented at Education (Faculty of Science, Charles University)
2008 - 2011: (Mgr.) Master’s degree in Teaching of Biology and Geography for Secondary Schools (Faculty of Science, Charles University)
2011 - 2012: Geography and English elementary school teacher at ZŠ Hloubětínská
2011 - 2015: (Ph.D.) doctoral study program, Social Geography and regional development
2012 - 2015: Research assistant and financial project administrator, 7th EU Framework project SOPHIE (Evaluating the Impact of Structural Policies on Health Inequalities and their Social Determinants, and Fostering Change)
2012 - present: Member of Centre on Health, Quality of Life and Lifestyle in a Geodemographic and Socioeconomic Context (GeoQol) at Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague (since 2015, external)
2013 - 2013: (RNDr.) Rigorosum examination, Social geography and regional development.
2014 - 2015: Principal investigator of the project GA UK “Queer geography: Commodification, segregation and globalization of sexual identities in cities?”
2015 - present: Researcher at the centre for epidemiological and clinical research on addictions (National Institute of Mental Health)
2016 - present: member of Coordination working group of the National program for tackling HIV/AIDS in the Czech Republic
2016 - present: Member of inter-ministerial coordination working group of the National HIV/AIDS program in the Czech Republic
2017 - 2018: Team member of behavioral MSM study at Czech Public institute of Health
2018 - 2018: member of a Working group on health by the Magistrate of the capital city of Prague
2018 - present: Editorial board member of the European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) project
2018 - present: chair of the educational and science-popularizing organization Queer Geography z. s.
2019 - present: Member of National work group on suicide prevention
2019 - present: member of Working group for sexual minorities (by Government Council for Human Rights)
2019 - present: Chair of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Working Group responsible for preparations of the International Congress of Psychology ICP2020
2019 - present: Principal investigator of research project "Minority stress in non-heterosexuals in the Czech Republic" financed by the Czech science foundation

Membership in professional organizations

2011 - present: Czech geographical society
2018 - present: EUPHA section on Sexual and Gender Minority Health
2018 - present: Czech-Moravian Psychological Society

Awards and honors

2012 - 2012: Prof. PhDr. Václav Příhoda award for the best graduates of the Charles University
2018 - 2018: Early-career researchers award of the EUPHA section on Sexual and Gender Minority Health


2011 - 2015: Queer geographies of sexualities: sociocultural organization of sexualities in space and (de)construction of heteronormativity


Most important publications

PITOŇÁK, M. Mental health in non-heterosexuals: Minority stress theory and related explanation frameworks review. Mental Health & Prevention. 2017, 5(March), 63-73. ISSN 2212-6570. DOI: 10.1016/j.mhp.2016.10.002.

PITOŇÁK, M. Rozdíly v duševním zdraví mezi ne-heterosexuály a heterosexuály: přehledová studie. Československá psychologie. 2017, 61(6), 575-592. ISSN 0009-062X. IF 0.193.

MRAVČÍK, V., PITOŇÁK, M., HEJZÁK, R., JANÍKOVÁ, B., PROCHÁZKA, I. HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men in the Czech Republic, 2016: high time for targeted action. Eurosurveillance. 2017, 22(48), "Article Number:17-00079". ISSN 1560-7917. DOI: 10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2017.22.48.17-00079. IF 7.127.

PITOŇÁK, M., SPILKOVÁ, J. Homophobic prejudice in Czech youth: a socio-demographic analysis of young people's opinions on homosexuality. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. 2016, 13(3), 215-229. ISSN 1553-6610. DOI: 10.1007/s13178-015-0215-8. IF 1.452.

PITOŇÁK, M. Prostorovost, institucionalizace a kontextualita heteronormativity: studie vyjednávání neheterosexuálních identit v Česku. Gender, Rovne Prilezitosti, Vyzkum. 2013, 14(2), 27-40. ISSN 1213-0028.

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