Mgr. Lucie Krejčová, Ph.D.
PhD student
working at:  RP3 Applied Neuroscience and Neuroimaging
in the institution:  2015 - present
telephone: (+420) 283 088 106

I graduated at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University (human ethology). Currently, I am a PhD student at First Medical Faculty, Charles university (medical psychology) and researcher at the National Institute of the Mental Health, laboratory of Evolutionary sexology and psychopathology. My research is mainly focused on female sexuality. I am currently working on development of standardized stimuli set used in psychophysiological measurement of female sexual arousal (via vaginal photopletysmography). Then, I am working on the project considering psychophysiological aspect of female orgasm using MRI and national surveys focused on pornography consumption and paraphilic interests in Czech and Slovak Republic.

Professional training and experience

2017 - 2017: research traineeship at KU Leuven at the Institute for Family and Sexuality Studies

Membership in professional organizations

2013 - present: member of International Academy of Sex Research (IASR)
2016 - present: member of the Czech Society for Sexual Medicine

Bachelor thesis

2009 - 2012: Assessing the Ability of Vaginal Orgasticity on the Basis of the Woman

Master thesis

2012 - 2014: Standardization of sexual-erotic stimuli for measurement of female sexual arousal

Awards and honors

2013 - 2015: Grant holder GAUK: Standardization of sexual-erotic stimuli for measurement of female sexual arousal
2014 - 2014: The best poster "Men and Women Detect Dyadic Sexual Desire and Promiscuous Tendencies From Women´s Gait". International Society for Human Ethology (ISHE), 5.8.-9.8. 2014, Belém, Pará, Brazil
2016 - 2016: Kamasutra in practice: The use of sexual positions by Czech citizens and the association with female orgasms
2017 - 2017: Best abstract award "Pornography consumption in women and its association with sexual desire and sexual satisfaction" at 23rd Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health
2018 - 2018: Grant holder GAUK: Psychophysiological aspects of female orgasm


: psychophysiological measurements of female sexual arousal, female orgasm, sexual fantasies in women, pornography consumption in CR and SR

Teaching activities

2014 - present: Journal Club - seminar for reading of scientific literature (Faculty of Humanities, Charles University)
2015 - present: Human sexuality, Faculty of humanities, Charles University


2014 - 2019: Female orgasm and its relation to autoerotic and dyadic sexual behavior


Most important publications

KREJČOVÁ, L., PASTOR, Z., KLAPILOVÁ, K. Ženský orgasmus, historická reminiscence a současné názory. Sexuológia. 2015, 15(2), 7-10. ISSN 1335-8820.

KREJČOVÁ, L., KLAPILOVÁ, K. Výzkumné nástroje používané k fyziologickému měření ženské sexuální reakce:review. Sexuologia. 2017, 2017(1), 14-19. ISSN 1335-8820.

KLAPILOVÁ, K., VARELLA-VALENTOVÁ, J., LINDOVÁ, J., ANDROVIČOVÁ, R., KREJČOVÁ, L., ZIKÁNOVÁ, T., BINTER, J., BÁRTOVÁ, K. Poruchy sexuální preference pohledem evoluční sexuologie. Sexuologia. 2017, 2017(1), 26-32. ISSN 1335-8820.

KLAPILOVÁ, K., ANDROVIČOVÁ, R., BÁRTOVÁ, K., BINTER, J., KREJČOVÁ, L., LINDOVÁ, J., PRŮŠOVÁ, D., WELLS, TJ., ZIKÁNOVÁ, T., VARELLA VALENTOVA, J. (R)evoluce ve výzkumu lidské sexuality. In: Horáček, J., Kesner, L., Höschl, C., Španiel, F. Mozek a jeho člověk, mysl a její nemoc. Praha: Galén, 2016, s. 117-129. ISBN: 978-80-7492-283-1.

BINTER, J., KLAPILOVÁ, K., ZIKÁNOVÁ, T., NILSSON, T., BÁRTOVÁ, K., KREJČOVÁ, L., ANDROVIČOVÁ, R., LINDOVÁ, J., PRŮŠOVÁ, D., WELLS, TJ., ŘÍHA, D. Exploring the pathways of adaptation: avatar 3D animation procedures and virtual reality arenas in research of human courtship behaviour and sexual reactivity in psychological research. In: Jerry, P., Tavares-Jones, N., ed. Virtual Worlds: The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Intersections. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2016, s. 35-44. ISBN: 978-1-84888-384-0.

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