Ing. Kateřina Hájková
postgraduate student, destigmatization specialist
working at:  RP2 Social Psychiatry
RP6 Brain Electrophysiology
telephone: (+420) 220 444 430

Interests / hobbies

sport, hudba, četba

Bachelor thesis

2011 - 2011: Assessment of mycotoxins occurence in barley and products thereof

Master thesis

2013 - 2013: Development of methods for the quality control of biotechnology products

Teaching activities

2013 - 2013: Analysis of Natural Bioactive Compounds: Laboratory
2013 - 2013: Analysis of Food and Natural Products: Laboratory
2014 - present: Forensic Chemistry: Laboratory
2014 - present: Analytical Chemistry: Laboratory I


2014 - present: The analysis of psychoactive compounds and their metabolites by LC-MS


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