NUDZ has top quality material technical equipment at its disposal, and provides all its employees with maximal facilities for their professional and personal development. We support employees on all levels of their professional career and motivate them toward further self-education. We endeavour to offer them education in fields which contribute to the development of their skills and/or present working post. In 2016 we introduced the structuring of educational events according to focus and target group into four categories:

  • full institutional seminars designated for all employees and the academic public,
  • seminars in research programmes with closer specialisation in research themes, 
  • outbreeding seminars focusing on transmission of information between research programmes, 
  • other events such as seminars of working groups, journal clubs etc.

We also support researchers in their active participation at scientific conferences and congresses. We have enabled a range of employees to undergo both long-term engagements and short-term study sabbaticals abroad. 


Full institutional seminares


February 12 Kamil Vlček: Human spatial orientation in real space and its impairments   February 8 | Chiara Biglia: Exchange practical konwledge and skill with HR Award Holder

January 8 | Kevin Warwick: Experiments in human-machine interaction | info


January 23 | Jonathon E. Larson: Stigmatization in the USA: a lived experience


Visual cortex modelling | Mgr. Ján Antolík, Ph.D., Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta Univerzity Karlovy | 4. 12. 2018

Neurobiology of Canine Dementia; Diagnostics of various stages and Risk Factors of Canine Dementia | MVDr. Mgr. Tomáš Smolek, PhD., Neuroimunologický ústav, Slovenská akademie věd v Bratislavě a MVDr. Jana Farbáková, PhD., Univerzita veterinárního lékařství a farmacie v Košicích | 23. 10. 2018

Bibliometry analysis of our publication | PhDr. Alena Palčová | 2. 10. 2018

Farmakologické manipulace chování z pohledu anesteziologa | Doc. MUDr. Ladislav Hess, DrSc., Klinika anesteziologie, IKEM, Praha | 4. 9. 2018

Regulatory effects of acetyl-CoA redustribution in healthy and diseased brain | Prof. Andrzej Szutowicz, Medical University of Gdansk | 3. 7.2018

HYDRA SW | Ing. Pavel Dvořák |  5. 6. 2018

What can we do abut the stigma of mental illness? | Prof. Dr. med. Georg Schomerus | 29. 5. 2018

Is the brain stochastic, deterministic, chaotic, or just (practically) unpredictable? | Ehud Kaplan, Ph.D., Jules and Doris Stein Research to Prevent Blindness Professor | 15. 5. 2018   

Advanced fluorescence microscopy in immunology of lymphocytes | Marek Cebecauer, J. Heyrovsky, Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS | 15. 5. 2018

Legal framework in technology transfer Mgr. Matěj Kliman, AK Holec, Zuska & Partneři | 11. 5. 2018 


Full institutional seminares 2016 | 2017


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