Information centre

Information centre (IC) is a workplace accredited for providing public information services in healthcare sector. IC fulfills the function of specialized library registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The main responsibilities of the IC are primarily based on the needs of the employees of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and partly also on the needs of psychiatrists throughout the Czech Republic.

The aim of the IC is to provide users with comprehensive information service in all research project phases, not only in the preparatory phase focused mainly on collecting and study of literature but also in the final phase focused on preparation of thesis and publication of results. This information support is of course intended as well for clinicians, workers in other fields, teachers of psychiatry at various levels of education, students and other users. Library, research, bibliographic and repro (graphic) services are used to provide this information support. IC also records and exhibits publishing activities of institute’s workers, creates and manages NIMH web and Intranet.

In addition to this „classic“frame work of IC we are also engaged in other specific activities aimed mainly „out“of NIMH and in some aspects out from the entire field of psychiatry. These activities include for example compiling directory of psychiatrists of the Czech Republic or focusing on publishing activities. We continue with more than fifty-year tradition of publishing editions of specialized psychiatric publication called „Zprávy“ that has been published since 1963 and has more than 130 titles.



National Institute of Mental Health
Information Centre
Topolová 748, 250 67 Klecany
Czech Republic

PhDr. Alena Palčová   bibliography, research, citation, publishing
Světlana Formanová   library, reprographic services, selling books
Martin Bidman   evidence of publications, distribution of books, directory of psychiatrists
Jaroslava Borovičková   graphics, posters
Jana Vašková   graphics, publications, website administrator

Library Services

  • borrowing books
  • answering all questions
  • research services
  • reprographic services (in accordance with copyright law)
  • selling NIMH publications

The library is open from Monday to Friday (except for Wednesday) from 8:30 to 15:30 hours.

Librarian Světlana Formanová

Repro/graphic services

  • realization of various prints from design to print
  • scanning and retouching
  • presentations, posters
  • copying, cutting, sealing in foil, spiral binding

Copying Světlana Formanová

Graphic work Jaroslava Borovičková

Sale of books

You can buy books from us every day from Monday to Friday (except Wednesday) in the IC library.

Contact for orders Česká republika:

National Institute of Mental Health
Information Centre
Topolová 748, 250 67 Klecany
Czech Republic

Martin Bidman


Continuing the tradition of publishing specialized psychiatric editions „Zprávy“which was created in the year 1963, IC can now offer more than 130 titles. We publish monographs textbooks, handbooks and bibliographies. A translation of psychiatric diagnostic criteria called The International Classification of Diseases was also published here. Every two year we publish directory of psychiatrists of the Czech Republic.

All publications can be viewed in the library of IC – earlier publications or sold out publications are part of our library collection (can be borrowed), publication that are currently sold are available in the stall. Publications can also be bought in selected bookstores or ordered. Further info is in section “sales of books”.


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