Organization of action potential discharge in neuronal networks in control of cognition in health and disease


The lecture will focus on the organization of action potential discharge within neuronal ensembles of the brain and its importance for mental processes that control behavior and cognition in physiological and pathological situations. The theories of organization of neuronal activity into cell assemblies will be introduced, as well as the importance of timing and synchronization of action potentials within neuronal networks. Experimental evidence for the dynamic grouping of action potential discharge in neuronal networks will be presented and I will demonstrate the importance of such organization for solving complex cognitive tasks in animals. I will show how disorganization of neuronal activity in animal models of psychosis leads to impairments in cognitive capacities manifested as decreased performance in cognitive tasks. Finally, ongoing experiments characterizing changes in neuronal organization in a model of obsessive-compulsive disorder will be presented.

Eduard Kelemen received a Master’s degree at Charles University for work conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Jan Bureš at the Czech Academy of Sciences. He received his PhD at the State University of New York where, with Prof. André Fenton, he studied hippocampal neuronal activity in rats solving complex tasks. He did postdoctoral work at Tuebingen University in the laboratory of Prof. Jan Born where he studied sleep effects on memory consolidation. Since 2015 he has been at the National Institute of Mental Health studying neuronal ensemble dynamics underlying cognition in physiological and pathological states.


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