RP2 Public Mental Health

Strategic Planning in the Area of Mental Health and Epidemiology of Mental Disorders (SPIMPE)

Head of the department
PhDr. Petr Winkler, Ph.D.
Ing. Karla Komárková (coordinator)
telephone:(+420) 283 088 431


The research agenda of the department of social psychiatry is focused on a wide spectrum of social sciences in the field of mental health, including psychiatric epidemiology, service-related research, mental health economic, and sociology of mental illness. We conduct epidemiological research; economic evaluations; assessment of services, development of interventions and mental health programs; studies on stigma and discrimination towards people with mental illnesses; studies on suicides and suicide prevention; analysis of mental health policy and legislation. 

The research program provides a) evidence for the informed decision-making which is provided to relevant stakeholders such as policymakers, financing agencies, service providers, users and their families; b) scientific outputs, aimed at gaining and dissemination of high-quality knowledge in mental health. The program’s outputs take predominantly societal perspective, although we conduct also analyses corresponding to the needs of individual stakeholders, such as service users, health insurance companies, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, service-users and their families, healthcare facilities, social services etc.

Main aim

The main aim of the research program is to operate as a nationwide referential center for research and innovations in mental health, including the fields of social psychiatry, psychiatric epidemiology and mental health economics. The program strives for evidence-based mental health care development in the Czech Republic through promoting research excellence and highly relevant studies. In a broader perspective, we aim at facilitating transformation of mental health care in Central and Eastern Europe to be in-line with the current state of the art in mental health. We believe in person-centered and inclusive system of care respecting human rights, empowering and paying attention to needs of people using it. We have an ambition to become a center of research excellence in social psychiatry for the whole region. 



  • In the area of epidemiological research we are doing evaluations of trends in inpatient care provided during the last two decades to people living with mental disorders. We are assessing duration of treatments, risks of re-hospitalizations, mortality and suicidality during and after inpatient psychiatric treatment.

  • With regard to services-related research we are focusing on designing, testing (through formative research), monitoring, evaluating and scaling-up mental-health programs and interventions within the context of current mental health care reform.

  • In terms of mental health economics we are conducting cost-effectiveness studies assessing incremental costs, health and social benefits associated with mental health-care reform.

  • With respect to the research on stigma and discrimination, we are working on a complex matrix of analyses related to prevalence of stigmatizing attitudes and behavior among different populations and sub-populations.

  • With regard to suicide prevention we are pursuing a work which should result into a National Action Plan of Suicide Prevention which is still non-existent in the country. Besides of this, we will assess prevalence of suicidal thoughts among young people and analyze associated risk factors. Another research project aims to identify those subgroups of patients discharged from psychiatric hospitals for affective and anxiety disorders, which are at high-risk of committing suicides.

  • In the broad field of multi-disciplinary studies within social psychiatry, we analyze social aspects of psychedelic research, and pursue analyzes related to law, ethics, etc. 



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