RP5 Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology – Collaborations

University of Sydney, Rick Wassing: professional consultant and cooperation on the project Effect of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia on emotion regulation


Universität zu Lübeck, Hong-Viet Ngo, Ph.D.: Acoustic stimulation as a means to streamline memory consolidation during sleep – long-term cooperation, foreign project expert

University Medical Center Göttingen, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Dr. Robert Waltereit - long-term cooperation in the research of rat models of autism


Great Britain:
University of Oxford, Dr. Simon Kyle: consultation and exchange of knowledge in the framework of studies focused on non-pharmacological interventions in chronic insomnia


Vita-Salute San Raffaele University Milan, Marco Sforza: collaboration on a multicentric study of K-complexes and cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia


University of Amsterdam, Lucia M. Talamini, Ph.D.: Closed-loop auditory stimulation to improve sleep in insomnia – cooperation on grant project


Brian A. Sharpless, Ph.D., MA: Psychological and polysomnographic aspects of sleep paralysis - long-term cooperation

University of California, Irvine, Bryce Mander, Ph.D.: Memory consolidation in the elderly – long-term cooperation, foreign project expert

Center for Neural Science, New York University, Prof. André A. Fenton, Ph.D.: Dynamics of hippocampal and neocortical neuronal representations of mutual relationships between a subject, significant moving objects, and environment. - cooperation on grant project


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