RP5 Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology - Pracovní skupiny

Sleep and wakefulness disorders

Head: Bušková, Jitka, MUDr., Ph.D.

The working group is engaged in the entire clinical spectrum of parasomnias. It deals with the pathophysiological mechanisms of NREM parasomnias and ...

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Quantitative electrophysiology of sleep and wakefulness

Head: Kopřivová, Jana, PhDr., Ph.D.

Workgroup on electrophysiology of sleep and wake focuses especially on electrophysiological correlates of sleep stages, sleep-related processes and ...

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Circadian physiology and chronotherapy

Head: Bendová, Zdeňka, doc. RNDr., Ph.D.

This working group focuses on various aspects of circadian physiology and their relationship with neuropsychiatric and sleep disorders. It uses ...

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Sleep, chronobiology and behavior in animal models

Head: Petrásek, Tomáš, RNDr., Ph.D.

Our group focuses on animal models of diseases such as autism or schizophrenia. We study mainly their behavioral aspects, especially circadian ...

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Neurobiology of Sleep, Memory and Cognition

Head: Kelemen, Eduard, RNDr., Ph.D.

Animals and especially humans are constantly exposed to a large amount of information of varying importance, which must be processed, sorted and ...

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