RP7 Clinical Research of Mental Disorders

NIMH Clinical Center (CLINIC)

Head of the department
prof. MUDr. Pavel Mohr, Ph.D.
Pavla Špádová (coordinator)
telephone:(+420) 283 088 436


In addition to research part, the RP7 includes also a clinical facility, providing state-of-the-art psychiatric care.

Although Clinical Center of the NIMH is primarily a specialized psychiatric hospital, it provides diagnostics and treatment in other medical disciplines: neurology, geriatrics, clinical psychology. The clinic also participates in education and training of medical professionals; it is a teaching hospital of the 3rd Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague, offers programs for postgraduate education of physicians and psychologists. The Clinic has own research programs, participates in research projects of other RP’s at the NIMH. Moreover, the psychiatrists and psychologists work as forensic experts. The inpatient unit has the total of 55 beds at 3 wards (anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders) with additional beds at the Department of sleep medicine for polysomnographic examination. Outpatient unit consists of a general psychiatric clinic and specialized clinics: for bipolar disorders, first episodes of psychosis, depression, geriatric, neurologic, for sleep disorders, treatment in pregnancy a lactation. Four day hospitals provide therapy of anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, mild cognitive impairment, and personality disorders.

The NIMH Clinic is a center of clinical excellence that implements into its practice latest scientific findings and evidence-based medicine, evaluates their efficacy and effectiveness, and long-term outcome. The clinical program utilizes interdisciplinary approach in diagnosis and treatment of severe mental disorders. There are social services available; the patients can use ergotherapy and physiotherapy. The diagnostic process combines clinical (psychiatric), psychological, laboratory, and neuroimaging methods. Complex therapeutic programs are closely connected to the ongoing research projects, focused primarily on early stages of psychotic disorders, mood disorders, cognitive disorders, sleep disorders, and specific anxiety disorders. Therapy is based on biological principles, utilizing modern psychotropic drugs, according to the therapeutic algorithms and guidelines, and testing innovative interventions, e.g., using novel stimulatory methods (rTMS, tDCS). Treatment of anxiety disorders is an elaborate and systematized program of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), helping to control symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.  In- and out-patients with psychotic disorders are offered a program of cognitive remediation. Important part of treatment is psychoeducation, including education programs for relatives and relapse-prevention programs. The NIMH Clinic has a wide range of medical instruments available, including EEG laboratory, neurostimulatory lab, and 3-Tesla MRI scanner. We participate in industry-sponsored research; in collaboration with pharmaceutical and technological companies we test new medicines and devices, new drug formulas and indications. As a part of the current reform of psychiatric care in the Czech Republic, the Clinic collaborates with regional psychiatric facilities. 

There are five research working groups (WP) in the RP7, that investigate neurobilogy, diagnostics, therapy, and complex care of the most severe mental disorders: WG Anxiety Disorders (neurobiology of OCD), WG Mood Disorders (prediction of antidepressant response, implementation of stimulatory methods into therapy of affective disorders, endophenotypes of bipolar disorders), WG Psychotic Disorders (endophenotypes of psychosis, therapeutic drug monitoring), WG Cognitive Disorders (regional research of memory impairment in ageing population, neurobiology of Alzheimer Disorder), WG Development of psychological methods for research and clinical practice.


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