Anxiety disorder: Neurobiology, diagnosis, therapy and comprehensive care

Head of the department

MUDr. Pavla Stopková, Ph.D.

The working group of anxiety disorders is clinically based on the department of anxiety disorders. The department is accompanied by two Day Care Centres, which offer our patients an intensive outpatient care without the necessity of being pulled out of the usual environment and family. The department of anxiety disorders offers an intensive group cognitive behavioural therapy with pharmacotherapy.

Research project of our working group is in 2016 aimed at the patophysiology of obsessive compulsive disorder. In collaboration with RP3 (Applied Neurosciences and Brain Imaging) we enroll patients with obsessions and compulsions into the study of evaluation of glutamatergic regulation in anterior cingular cortex. 

Team members

Adamcová, Katarína, MUDr.
Baumann, Silvie, MUDr. (Čerešňáková)
Knop, Vít, MUDr.
Kosová, Jiřina, MUDr.
Nosková, Eliška, MUDr.

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