Brain modelling

Head of the department

Ing. Mgr. Jaroslav Hlinka, Ph.D.

The workgroup is engaged in the development and application of brain activity modeling techniques. The first area is advanced statistical methods for the analysis of neuroimaging data, including machine learning, graph-theoretical and information-theoretical approaches. The second area is the development of generative models of brain dynamics, especially the use of neural mass network models to model functional brain network dynamics.

Team members

Hampejs, Tomáš, Mgr.
Keller, Jiří, MUDr., Ph.D.
Kolenič, Marián, MUDr.
Mareš, Jan, Ing. Mgr.
Pidnebesna, Anna, Mgr.
Škoch, Antonín, MUDr., Bc., Ph.D.
Tomeček, David, Ing.

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