Electrophysiological therapeutic predictors

Head of the department

doc. MUDr. Martin Bareš, Ph.D.

Psychiatric disorders are associated with substantial impact on quality oflife, not least due to an unsatisfactory time span of sometimes several weeks from initiation of treatment to clinical response.

Extensive research focused on the identification of widely available electroencephalogram(EEG)-based biomarkers would help to choice appropriate and efficacious treatment for individual patient and lead  to  health and economic benefits. 

The task of working group is tosearch, evaluate and compare ability of individual EEG parameters (cordance, LORETA, ERP etc.) to predict response to treatment with pharmacological or non-pharmacological interventions in severe psychiatric disorders and search for predictive models combining EEG and other measures (clinical, biochemical etc.) with aim  to achieve more robust predictive parameters. 

Team members

Bravermanová, Anna, MUDr.
Heuschneiderová, Alice
Kohútová, Barbora, MUDr. Mgr., Ph.D.
Viktorinová, Michaela, Mgr., MSc.
Vlček, Přemysl, Mgr.

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