Psychiatric epidemiology

Head of the department

MUDr. Pavla Čermáková, Ph.D.

How many people in the Czech Republic are affected by psychosis?
Is the occurrence of cognitive impairment decreasing?
Do people with lower education have a higher chance to develop depression?

Our group aims to understand how many people have mental disorders, if those numbers are changing over time and what are the risk factors for their development. We are working with several datasets, such as Czech and European population-based surveys and national health registers. The new knowledge can help identify targets for the prevention of mental disorders.

Team members

Kožený, Jiří, prof. PhDr., CSc.
Kuklová, Marie, Bc.
Mladá, Karolína, Mgr.
Nechanská, Blanka, Ing.
Tišanská, Lýdie, Mgr.

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