Stigma prevention and research

Head of the department

PhDr. Petr Winkler

The working group on stigma prevention and research focuses on research of stigmatization and discrimination of people with mental illness and the evaluation and implementation of stigma reduction. The research is mainly focused on interventions for specific target groups, including medical students, nursing students, high school students, nurses, doctors, social workers, people with their own experiences of mental illness and their family members, and the general population. This group also cooperates with external agencies to evaluate stigma reduction activities. A long-term project of ‘Destigmatization’ was launched in 2017 as a part of the national psychiatric care reform, with the aim to provide effective anti-stigma activities to all Czech regions.

Team members

Bankovská Motlová, Lucie, prof. MUDr., Ph.D.
Blažejovská, Tereza, Mgr.
Chvátalová, Barbora, Mgr.
Menšl, Filip, MgA.
Pukanová, Slavomíra, Mgr.
Roboch, Zbyněk, BA
Šíchová, Andrea, Mgr.
Veselský, Michal, Bc., DiS.
Vítková, Markéta

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