Stimulation methods

Head of the department

MUDr. Tomáš Novák, Ph.D.

The neurostimulation lab was developed in conjunction with the repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation laboratory, which began its work in 2002 at the Prague Psychiatric Center (PCP).
Following the transformation of the Prague Psychiatric Center into the National Institute of Mental Health (NÚDZ) in 2015, the current Laboratory of Neurostimulation was established, which gradually expanded its research schedule to other neuromodulation technologies such as transcranial dirrect curent stimulation (tDCS) and theta burst stimulation (TBS). In 2018, the Geodesic Transcranial Electrical Neuromodulation System (GTEN) was acquired in cooperation with
the RP6 research program

and co-financing by the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University. This technology allows high-definition electrical stimulation with alternating current (HD-tACS), direct current (HD-tDCS) and pulsed electric current stimulation (tPCS). Our workplace is one of the first workplaces to work with this unique technology.

For more information about methods: Neurostimulation 




Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation  (rTMS)

Transcranial magnetic stimulation in the treatment of bipolar depression

A four-week course (20 applications) of TMS is provided for patients’with bipolar disorder in a current depressive episode in whom the current treatment has been unsuccessful or insufficient. The effect of three different stimulation protocols using stimulation of different cortical regions is compared. Magnetic resonance (MRI) and an EEG examination are included. The place for rTMS is individually targeted according to individual MRI. Medication is not changed during the rTMS treatment. We kindly ask you to schedule an appointment at our clinic by email:,



Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)

Augmentation of cognitive training with tDCS in patients with schizophrenia

The therapeutic program includes 5-day tDCS treatment (five applications) combined with cognitive training (Rehacom program) in patients with cognitive deficits who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Medication is not changed during the treatment. We kindly ask you to schedule an appointment at our clinic by  

Geodesic Transcranial Electrical Neuromodulation System (GTEN)

Current projects:

The influence of theta modulation by high-definition transcranial alternating current stimulation (HD-tACS) on control inhibition processes
Research Team: Klírová M., Voráčková V., Dudysová D., Fayette D., Kostýlková L., Čerešňáková S., Nosková E., Novák T.


The role of Inferior Parietal Lobe in Self-Agency
Research Team: Mohr P., Bečev O., Klírová M., Laskov O., Španiel F., Novák T., Kozáková E., Bakstein E., Tomeček D. 

Modulation of dorsal cingulate activity by (theta-oscillatory) high-definition transcranial alternating current stimulation (HD-tACS) in healthy seniors
Research Team: Fayette D., Dudysová D., Klírová M.


Upcoming projects:

GTEN: Research on Sleep
Research Team: Dudysová D., Kopřivová J., Klírová M.

GTEN: Sexological Research
Research Team: Klapilová K., Krejčová L., Klírová M., Horáček J.


Team members

Hejzlar, Martin, MUDr.
Klírová, Monika, MUDr., Ph.D.
Laskov, Olga, MUDr.
Renka, Jiří, MUDr.
Voráčková, Veronika, Mgr.

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