Suicide prevention and research

Head of the department

PhDr. Petr Winkler, Ph.D.

Workgroup on Suicide Prevention and Research examines suicidal behavior in the population. The aim of the research is a suicide prevention via identification of high-risk groups and evaluation of interventions on suicide prevention. We are also looking at trends in suicides in association to economic, social and environmental factors.


National Action Plan for Suicide Prevention 2020-2030

On 16 July 2020, the Government Council for Mental Health adopted the National Action Plan for Suicide Prevention 2020-2030 (NAPSP), the first strategic document of its kind for the area of suicide prevention in the Czech Republic. The document was recommended for adoption by the Government, which should take place in mid-August 2020. The NAPSP is based on the Situational Analysis of Suicide Prevention (below) and specifies more than thirty measures with measurable indicators within four strategic goals, the time-plan for the implementation of the measure and the budgetary implications for the ministries involved. The financial allocation for the next ten years is almost 300 million CZK. According to the submission report, these funds should be allocated from the budget chapters of the involved ministries with the possibility to request a corresponding increase of the chapter with regard to the volume of resources specified in the NAPSP.

The implementation of the NAPPS should contribute to the co-fulfillment of one of the indicators of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which is to reduce the suicide rate by a third by 2030 compared to the reference year 2015. The general objective is to prevent death and human suffering. As "A person who died by suicide did not want to die, he or she just wanted to live another life (from personal communication with Prof. Ella Arensman)".

National Action Plan for Suicide Prevention 2020-2030 [in Czech]


World Mental Health Day 2019

On the occasion of the World Mental Health Day 10 October 2019, which this year has the theme of suicide prevention, WHO & NIMH publishes a publication Situational Analysis of Suicide Prevention in the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Health and IHIS CR.

Abstract: Situational Analysis of Suicide Prevention in the Czech Republic is a comprehensive document mapping epidemiology of self-harm and suicide in past years in the Czech Republic. As it is intended to be a cornerstone for the upcoming national action plan for suicide prevention, the document includes a SWOT analysis of interviews with representatives of the relevant institutions, services and care users. Among the vulnerable populations, older men have the highest suicide rates, and among young people aged 15-24, suicide is the second leading cause of death. Border regions are those with the highest suicide rates. In a recent epidemiological survey, increased suicide risk was identified in  3.8% of the Czech population of whom nearly half did not seek professional help in the past year. In the final part, the preventive measures are proposed in several key areas suggested by WHO. These stem from the evidence and previous projects.


Situation Analysis of Suicide Prevention in the Czech Republic                         Situační analýza prevence sebevražd
v České republice




Team members

Bechyňová, Laura, Mgr.
Kasal, Alexandr, Mgr.

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