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Receiving complaints

1. The complaint can be submitted in writing, in electronic form (, via data box or orally. An electronically filed complaint must have the requisites of a written complaint.

2. It must always be clear from the submission what its content is and what the complainant is demanding. It must always contain the name, surname and address of the complainant's permanent residence or another address for the delivery of correspondence with the complainant, the date of filing the complaint, what the complaint is directed against and the subject of the filing.

3. Verbal complaints are accepted by any NIMH employee. If the employee cannot deal with the complaint directly when it is submitted, a written record will be made with the complainant on the appropriate form.

The record must include:
• name of the department where the complainant took the record, name of the employee who wrote (received) the complaint
• name, surname and address of permanent residence of the complainant, or another address for delivering correspondence with the complainant
• the date of filing the complaint
• what the complaint is directed against and the subject of the submission
• signature of the complainant and the employee who accepted the complaint

The complainant receives a copy of the complaint record, and confirms receipt by signing. Without writing a record, the complaint will not be investigated.

4. NIMH does not deal with anonymous complaints.

5. Telephone complaints are not accepted.

Procedure for investigating complaints

1. The employee entrusted with handling the complaint will assess whether the complaint is submitted by an authorized person and whether the complaint falls under the purview of NIMH.

2. In the event that the complaint is not filed by an authorized person, the complainant is informed and at the same time is asked to secure and document the consent of the authorized person to investigate the complaint.

3. Complaints that do not fall under the purview of NIMH are forwarded to the relevant administrative authority within five days of their receipt. The complainant is informed in writing about the referral of the complaint.

4. When investigating a complaint and processing the response to the complainant, the employee responsible for its investigation always comply the legal period for sending the response to the complainant.


1. If it is appropriate with regard to the nature of the complaint, the complainant is offered an oral hearing of the complaint.

2. The written report to the complainant must be sent within 30 days of delivery. This period can be extended by another 30 days in justified cases. The complainant is informed about the extension of the period.

Investigation of repeated complaints

If the complainant does not agree with the result of the investigation of the complaint and sends the disagreement with the result of the investigation of the complaint to NIMH and if no new facts are found for the repeated investigation of the complaint, the fact is communicated to the complainant in writing.