Psychosocial support map

We offer psychosocial support to war refugees from Ukraine. The service is provided free of charge by a team of Ukrainian psychologists and other helping professions in Ukrainian or Russian.

Psychosocial support is suitable for people who:

  • are experiencing various difficulties (anxiety, helplessness, sadness) as a result of war, displacement or loss of loved ones
  • need help adapting to new conditions
  • are looking for resources to cope with stress
  • need support in other challenging life situations

Psychosocial support is not a substitute for systematic psychotherapy; it is mainly a supportive action to prevent the psychological consequences of traumatisation and its deepening. If necessary, we will be happy to refer you to other Ukrainian-speaking specialists, such as clinical psychologists or psychiatrists.

Please note that it is necessary to make an appointment for a consultation at the contacts below.