Center for Advanced Studies of Brain and Consciousness


We aim to contribute to understanding biological, psychological, and social mechanisms of origins and development of mental disorders and selected aspects of social psychopathology.

Advanced neuroimaging and psychological and behavioral data analyses are at the core of our efforts. The research activities are interlinked by focusing on the relationship between conscious experience and processes in the brain, including their dynamics evaluated in EEG and fMRI time series. This research area also includes the evaluation of the relationship between pharmacologically induced changes in the psyche and their neurobiological and clinical correlates. Related research activities focus on developing new models of mental disorders and their translational testing, the role of visual saliency in schizophrenia, and an investigation of the basis of decision-making processes and brain network coordination and their causal interactions.

Further research areas include time perception and its relationship to the pathophysiology of mental disorders, psychological and neural mechanisms of perception of images and aesthetic experience, and mechanisms through which media news impact mental health.