Center for Sexual Health and Interventions


The general goal of the center is to conduct top multidisciplinary research in the field of sexology and introduce knowledge and procedures based on scientific findings into clinical and forensic practice.

The center has two divisions, one for basic research and the other for applied clinical intervention. The Research Division has individual laboratories that conduct basic and translational preclinical research in sexual neuroscience, psychophysiology, and cognitive science with the goal of elucidating the physiological, brain, and cognitive mechanisms of sexual arousal, desire, orgasm, partner and paraphilic preferences, sexual dysfunction, and sexuality in psychiatric patients.

Another important part of our research are repeated representative surveys of the sexual health, well-being and behavior of the Czech population, specific communities and marginalized groups. This research also focuses on the development, standardization and implementation of diagnostic, research and risk tools related to sexual health, medicine and clinical interventions. The applied division is concerned with testing the effectiveness of evidence-based treatments and social interventions in the field of sexual health and sexual offense prevention.

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