Sleep and Chronobiology Research Center


The Sleep and Chronobiology Research Center focuses on basic and applied research. Its three main goals include improving the diagnosis and treatment of patients based on the study of the pathophysiology of disorders and testing new interventions, further deepening knowledge in the field of animal and human basic sleep research and chronobiology, and last but not least, educational and educational activities.
In addition to understanding the basic mechanisms and functions, the main goal of the research is to improve the objective diagnosis and treatment of patients with sleep disorders and circadian rhythmicity.

The center focuses on the comprehensive investigation of regulatory systems (circadian rhythms, sleep/wake and arousal), i.e. one of the key domains in neuropsychiatric research. In pursuit of this goal, it carries out animal and human research focused on the physiology and pathophysiology of sleep, wakefulness and circadian rhythms in neuropsychiatric disorders and their animal models. In doing so, it applies a wide range of methods and affects the investigated phenomena at the molecular, cellular, biochemical, electrophysiological and behavioral levels. It processes the obtained data using advanced mathematical approaches. The center also provides education for undergraduate and postgraduate students, courses for health professionals, lectures and educational activities for the lay public.