Day care Center 2


Day care center 2 provides the possibility of more intensive therapeutic work without the need for hospitalization. The program is focused on psychotherapeutic help for managing anxiety states, obsessive compulsive disorders, phobias, depression and other manifestations of stress. Day care center takes the form of group psychotherapy. This is a closed group with 10 patients. The duration of the program is 6 weeks. This is an outpatient form of treatment covered by public health insurance.

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Each client undergoes an initial psychiatric examination before being enrolled in the day care program. Subsequently, the therapeutic team considers the patient's suitability for inclusion in a day care facility. You can make an appointment on the recommendation of your outpatient psychiatrist. If you do not have an outpatient psychiatrist, a recommendation from a general practitioner is also possible. An initial psychiatric examination can also be performed at your own request without a referral.

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Current dates 

  • Run No. I: 3/1/2023 - 16/2/2023
  • Run No. II: 21/2/2023 - 6/4/2023
  • Run No. III: 13/4/2023 - 1/6/2023