Physiotherapy provides outpatient physiotherapy and physical therapy. It also participates in the complex rehabilitation care of hospitalized patients in the form of group therapeutic physical education. We are a contractual partner for all health insurance companies.

How to make an appointment for individual physiotherapy

With the FT Voucher from a specialist doctor, it is possible to order in person, by phone or by e-mail at the contacts listed below. The voucher is valid for 7 days from its issuance by the doctor. Therefore, it is necessary for us to receive this voucher from you within 7 days in person or by e-mail (it is necessary to bring the FT Voucher on the first visit).

At the same time, it is possible to undergo physiotherapy without a doctor's recommendation for direct payment. Please find the Price list here.

How to cancel

If you cannot attend therapy, it is important to cancel the appointment in time and, if necessary, arrange a replacement. You can do so by phone (answering machine) or by email.