Ward 2


Ward 2 is focused on the diagnostics and treatment of mood disorders, including resistant affective disorders. The main method of treatment is pharmacotherapy and non-pharmacological biological methods complemented by psychotherapy. Part of the department is an inpatient section with 26 beds (double rooms with sanitary facilities). The ward is open.

Ward 2 also includes the Aftercare ward, which is intended for patients who do not require care in an acute bed. Comprehensive nursing and rehabilitation care is provided at this ward. The aim of the subsequent inpatient treatment is to stabilize the mental state and support work and social habits linked to the previous acute inpatient care and subsequent discharge of the patient to home environment.

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In order to be admitted to the ward for hospitalization, it is necessary for your attending physician (psychiatrist or general practitioner) to contact our outpatient clinic by phone: (+420) 283 088 244 or by e-mail: ambulance@nudz.cz