Ward 1


Ward 1 specializes in the treatment of the entire spectrum of anxiety and affective disorders in a demanding cognitive behavioral (CBT) and group psychotherapy program. Part of the department is an inpatient section with 10 beds (double rooms with sanitary facilities). The ward is open.

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The therapeutic program takes place in a closed group. During seven weeks of a unique, highly specialized and demanding program, patients will go through the basic steps of CBT aimed at managing the manifestations of stress, anxiety and depression. The program is supplemented with some proven elements from assertiveness, art therapy and movement therapy. Achieving the best results requires high motivation and the active cooperation of the client.

In order to be included in the program at the ward, it is necessary for your doctor (psychiatrist or general practitioner) to contact our outpatient clinik by phone: (+420) 283 088 244 or by e-mail: ambulance@nudz.cz.

Current dates

  • Run No. IV: 5/6/2023 - 26/7/2023
  • Run No. V: 31/7/2023 - 13/9/2023
  • Run No. VI: 18/9/2023 - 1/11/2023
  • Run No. VII: 6/11/2023 - 20/12/2023