Development of capacities for Research and Development in NIMH – Working Group

The Working Group (WG) consists of two parts:

a) part of key administrative staff (core working group) + implementation team (administrative support)

b) part of the wider implementation team (implementation WG) + revision group

The task of the key working group is to prepare a basic draft of each internal document that explicitly fulfills the principles of the Code and the Charter. The implementation working group ensures the presence of R1 to R4 researchers during the preparation of changes in the implementation of the project and at the same time includes representatives of the research community who will be primarily affected by these changes.

Working Group members

Implementation Team

Implementation team - (administrative support) - 5 HR staff of the project provide administrative support to the activities of the WG, SG and RG and coordinate the production of materials within the research programmes. They provide feedback to the creative members of the WG.