prof. MUDr. Miloš Matoušek, CSc.
in the institution:  1962 - 1968, 1996 - 2005

Prof. Matoušek worked in the EEG laboratory of Psychiatric Research Institute from 1962 to 1968 and researched automation and quantification of EEG. He continued his research in Sweden, where he partook in the creation of then largest international database of physiological development of EEG activity from childhood to adult age. His works utilising EEG analysis lay foundations of later clinically oriented studies in psychopharmacology and psychiatric diagnostics. Gradually Dr. Matoušek moved his researcher‘s interestto registration and evaluation of fluctuations in vigility and alertness; this helped define relevant parameters, which unlike conventional EEG indicators say something about functional aspects of brain activity. In 1996 he returned to Prague Psychiatric Centre and until 2005 worked as head of EEG and Sleep laboratory, which he helped create.


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