2. Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

The Laboratory of Chemical Analysis (LChA) of Mass Spectrometry Laboratory was established as a research unit for quantitative analysis of samples and development of new analytical methods. The laboratory uses mass spectrometry and related techniques to elucidate the chemical content and quantify a wide range of natural and synthetic substances in samples of interest. By combining with high resolution separation methods, it is possible to characterise and quantify highly complex mixtures of analytes. For more rigorous assessment of analytical problems, the results obtained by mass spectrometry are combined with other analytical techniques. The aim is to determine the identity and quantities of biomarkers, as well as to develop new methods for diagnostic, forensic and toxicological tasks.

Assistance and Services

In addition to supporting the research projects within the Department of Experimental Neurobiology, the Laboratory of Chemical Analysis offers serves for research activities throughout the NIMH. Analytical services are offered also for outside users on basis of scientific cooperation.

Equipment and Tools

• QTrap 6500 Mass Spectrometer, AB Sciex - High sensitivity quantification of analytes in complex matrices (MS spectra with a unit resolution of molecular mass (m/z))

• Triple TOF 5600 Mass Spectrometer, AB Sciex - High resolution and accurate mass determination (suitable for qualitative analysis of unknown samples, untargeted analysis and fingerprinting)

• UltiMate 3000 UPLC System, Thermo Fischer Scientific - Separation of analytes in complex matrices with UV-Vis, Fluorescence or Mass Spectrometry detection

• Bullet Blender 24 Gold, Next Advance (homogenisation of tissues, high sample capacity, for small sample amounts, no cross-contamination between samples, cooled)

• 3D Printer I3MK3, Prusa Research (3D printing of plastic lab-ware and components)

Reservation Contact

Ing. Anna Jindrová, Ph.D.

E-mail: anna.jindrova@nudz.cz

Telephone: (+420) 283 088 243

Research and Technical Contact

Jakub Rak, Ph.D.
Leader, senior scientist

E-mail: Jakub.Rak@nudz.cz

Telephone: (+420) 283 088 232

Anna Šuláková, Ms. 

E-mail: Anna.Sulakova@nudz.cz

Telephone: (+420) 283 088 232




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