Laboratory of mass spectrometry


The Laboratory of Chemical Analysis (LChA) was created as a scientific service workplace for special instrumental analyzes and the development of new analytical methods. In the laboratory, mass spectrometry and related techniques are used for structure clarification, characterization and identification of a wide range of natural substances. Thanks to the connection with separation methods, even very complex mixtures of analytes can be characterized.

For a more reliable solution to analytical problems, the results obtained by different analytical techniques are combined. The goal is primarily to determine the levels of important biomarkers, as well as the development of new methods for diagnostic, forensic, and toxicological analyses.

The research is focused both on the basic processes used in the separation of substances and in mass spectrometry, as well as on the development of instrumentation. In addition to its own research, the chemical analysis laboratory serves as a support for research activities throughout the NIMH organization. Analytical services are provided to other entities on the basis of scientific cooperation or as service measurements.


  • AB Sciex QTrap 6500 mass spectrometer with UHPLC system Dionex UltiMate 3000 designed for target and quantitative analyzes
  • AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600 mass spectrometer with UHPLC system UltiMate 3000 designed for non-target analyzes
  • Equipment for complementary analyzes in the field of molecular spectroscopy such as UV/Vis, Fluorescence, FT-IR and others.