RNDr. Eduard Kelemen, Ph.D.

Eduard Kelemen

RNDr. Eduard Kelemen, Ph.D.


Eduard Kelemen works at the National Institute of Mental Health where he studies neurobiological processes of learning and organization of memory engrams. With a group of collaborators he uses methods of electrophysiological recording of neuronal ensemble activity in laboratory animals as they learn to solve cognitive tasks and in sleep during consolidation of learned information. He explores cognitive processes in healthy animals as well as in animal models of brain disorders.

Eduard Kelemen supervises students of neuroscience master’s and Ph.D. programs. He teaches neuroscience courses at the Charles University and New York University in Prague.

He defended his master’s thesis at the Institute of Physiology of Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University. He completed his Ph.D. thesis at State University of New York – Downstate Health Science Center under supervision of Prof. Andre A. Fenton. He also worked at the University of Tuebingen in the research group of Prof. Jan Born.