doc. MUDr. Oldřich Vinař, DrSc.
head, researcher
v instituci:  1961 - 1986

Dr. Vinař joined Psychiatry Research Institute in the very beginning and became head of Psychopharmacology Department. He led the WHO Centre for Psychotropic Drugs Testing. As early as 1961 Dr. Vinař introduced a system of continuous controlled studies to inpatient ward, organised multi-clinic studies with psychiatrists from many institutions collaborating on testing Czechoslovakian and foreign psychopharmaceuticals and promoted the use of new psychopharmaceuticals in Czechoslovakia. Together with S. Grof, J. Váňa and others Dr. Vinař developed a scale for psychotic symptoms evaluation, the first scale for psychotropics’ side effects evaluation, and introduced a scale for depressive symptomatology evaluation. He stayed in the Institute until 1986.


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