doc. MUDr. Jaroslav Baštecký, CSc.
v instituci:  1962 - 1976

Dr. Baštecký joined the Psychiatric Research Institute in 1962 as a candidate and after defending his doctoral thesis worked as senior doctor – first medical director of the clinic. There he systematically researched speech functions of the mentally ill by objective electroacoustic and electrophysiological methods, namely studying some differences in speech of schizophrenics with delayed auditory feedback. Later he turned his attention to psychopharmaceuticals and their effects. As the first in the country he started working on diagnostic of acute poisoning with psychopharmaceuticals and his thorough and complex approach led him finally to psychosomatic medicine. He was always happy to discourse on vagaries of weather and on psychosomatic problems they induced. He left the Psychiatric Research Institute in 1976.


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