Mgr. Petr Tureček, Ph.D.
working at:  RP3 Applied Neuroscience and Neuroimaging
in the institution:  2015 - present
telephone: (+420) 283 088 434

In NIMH I study mainly influence of siblings on partner choice and relationship compatibility. I try to figure out, whether several theories on pairing of sibling constellation apply. So far we have discovered, that traditional models based on complemantarity (e.g. older brother of a sister + younger sister of a brother = compatible couple) do not accord with real observations. However certain influnce might be attributed to the degree of sibling constellation homogamy (older brother of a sister + older sister of a sister = compatible couple).

At the Faculty of Science (Charles Univeristy) I pursue mainly study of cultural evolution. I want to approach the nature of sympatric cultural divegence and its possible impact on human and nonhuman organic evolution via computer simulations.

Professional training and experience

2009 - 2013: Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Biology
2013 - 2015: Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Theoretical and Evolutionary Biology
2015 - present: Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Ph.D. in Theoretical and Evolutionary Biology

Membership in professional organizations

2015 - present: Czech and Slovak ethological society
2015 - present: Interantional Society for Human Ethology
2016 - present: European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association

Bachelor thesis

: Cerebral lateralization in birds and mammals, its behavioral correlation and evolutionary significance

Master thesis

: The influence of sibling constellation on relationship compatibility


: Sympatric cultural divergence and its evolutionary significance


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