Consultation day for individuals with treatment-resistant depression – 13/5

Join us for a discussion on depression treatment using psychedelics. Come learn about the current options and limitations of modern medicine, the direction of depression treatment research, and the potential of psilocybin therapy.

One-third of people with depression do not respond to antidepressants or other standard treatments. Therefore, we are exploring new possibilities, and recent research suggests that psychedelics could be a solution. Help us explore their potential.

The consultation with doctors and researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health is part of the recruitment of volunteers for the PSIKET_001CZE study - Psilocybin versus ketamine - rapid antidepressant response strategy in treatment-resistant depression. You can also find more about the study HERE.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, April 4th, and Monday, May 13th, 2024, at the National Institute of Mental Health in Czechia, located at Topolová 748, Klecany.


  • The phenomenon of depression: treatment options and limitations
  • Introduction to psychedelic-assisted therapy for depression
  • Tour of the psilocybinarium (a special space for psychedelic administration)
  • Personal consultations with doctors and researchers
  • Opportunity to sign up for the study

Due to limited capacity, please confirm your attendance via email:

You can also find the event on Facebook.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please fill out a short prescreening questionnaire, which will help determine if you are suitable for the study.

The questionnaire is available via QR code or here:


Please note that the consultation day is solely for presenting research activities and related recruitment for studies. It is not an offer of treatment. Attendance at the consultation days is non-binding, and participants do not automatically have the right to participate in any of the presented studies. Suitability for participation must always be discussed with doctors and researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health.