Laboratory of electrophysiology


The Laboratory of Electrophysiology is a self-sufficient research facility supporting a wide range of research projects within the Department of Experimental Neurobiology. We are open to providing research services to other research groups outside our department based on scientific collaboration. Conditions should be discussed individually with the heads of the research groups.


  • Operating room with stereotactic apparatus and inhalation anesthesia (isoflurane + oxygen)
  • Device for recording unit activity and local potentials (LFP) in vivo in freely moving rats
  • Device for measuring multichannel EEG in freely moving rats
  • Telemetry system 4 DSI
  • Wireless EEG/EMG/EOG recording and monitoring system in anesthetized and freely moving rats
  • Device for obtaining real-time video recordings within the framework of solving behavioral tasks by rats
  • Implantation of various types of electrodes and telemetry modules
  • In-vitro electrophysiology and fluorescence imaging (in development)