Quantitative electrophysiology of sleep and wakefulness

The research group focuses primarily on the quantitative analysis of electrical signals registered during sleep, on the evaluation of their specificities in various diseases and conditions, and tests the effect of non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions on its changes. At the same time, it also seeks to integrate electrophysiological data with other, especially behavioral and imaging data.

The group is dedicated to basic and applied research. It is currently focusing on the issue of consolidation of different types of memory during sleep and the possibility of influencing it. It is mainly focused on acoustic stimulation during sleep, which is based on the principle of monitoring the electrical signal of the sleeping brain and the precise timing of the acoustic stimulus. In the field of clinical research, the group focuses mainly on the evaluation of the microstructure of sleep in insomnia, neuropsychiatric diseases and also on the issue of sleep during healthy and pathological aging.